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Companies We Have Invested In

Punchbowl Software

Punchbowl Software is the company behind the critically acclaimed party planning website MyPunchbowl serves up all of the key ingredients to effortlessly plan unforgettable celebrations. The site includes unique features for picking a date for the event, sending save the dates, finding supplies, communicating with guests, sending online invitations and sharing photos and videos after the event has passed. All of the features work together to help hosts plan and organize events that matter with ease and confidence.

MyPunchbowl's step-by-step, workflow-based interface makes it popular for key life milestone events such as baby showers, bridal showers, milestone birthdays and retirement events. With helpful tools, great advice and unique features, MyPunchbowl helps hosts and guests get from the planning to the celebration without the stress. Sign up for free at to find everything you need to organize and plan an exceptional event.

Punchbowl Software received its initial funding from the eCoast Angels, Intel Capital and individual Angel investors, all of whom later joined with Contour Ventures in a Series A Round.

IAM Logo

IAM Technology

IAM Technology (IAM) has developed the next generation of digital identity and secure data assurance. IAM's security software and hardware are built on technology advances, initially developed for the United States Department of Defense, that are both evolutionary and revolutionary: evolutionary in that it is based on well-established security techniques yet revolutionary because it incorporates recently developed breakthroughs in mathematics and computation. The technology provides the most efficient and compliant trust backbone for enterprise SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) implementations, storage networks and for the exchange of authenticated data.

IAM delivers revolutionary advances on the speed, efficiency and persistence (historic audit-ability) of data validation - developing a common trust infrastructure to validate disparate data objects including security assertions (such as those related to digital identities), digital signatures, and data in general. The technology has immediate benefits in two very large markets: web services and federated identity, but also has many diverse applications in important vertical markets. IAM provides not simply the validation of data, but assures non-repudiation and audit-ability for any historic time period. Enterprises are, therefore, provably compliant to internal audit controls and domestic and foreign regulatory requirements. IAM has successfully implemented its security technology as commercial, standards-based hardware appliances for ease of integration into corporate networks.

IAM Technology is a partnership between IAM management and Brown University of Providence, Rhode Island. The company is recognized as a novel approach to University-based research commercialization as it maintains a perpetual, exclusive license to various research of Brown's Center for Geometric Computing. IAM maintains a multi-year Research Agreement with the Center with exclusive license rights to developed technologies, which has led to four provisional patent filings in 2006.

For more information on IAM Technology please visit its web site: Logo is a Boston-area company that brings together local businesses and their consumers. is focused on providing rich, hyper-local content for Boston’s urban and suburban communities.

For consumers, provides a user-friendly approach to finding hyper-local content, such as the right store or the best restaurant in a community, plus access to relevant community news, activities and more. The service is free and easy to use. No registration is required to navigate the neighborhoods and learn more about the businesses that make them unique.

For businesses, provides an easy and cost-effective way to get their name out to local consumers.

Join in supporting the businesses that are committed to their local neighborhoods!

Aras Logo

Aras Corporation

Aras delivers mission critical business solutions for product development and quality compliance helping performance driven companies increase new product margins, reduce product risks, and achieve supply chain readiness for outsourcing to China. Aras customers include Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Delphi, Ingersoll Rand, ACCO Swingline, Mega Brands, Rolls-Royce, and the US Army.

Aras leverages a unique Open Distribution strategy with unlimited user access modeled after the Microsoft strategy for Internet Explorer which allows the software to be freely downloaded and used. Customers get started quickly without the significant up-front financial commitment required by competitors, and solutions are rolled out to as many people as needed removing the per user license barrier to adoption. Customers purchase Aras Unlimited support subscription packages and pay for implementation consulting, similar to the Red Hat business model, delivering scalable revenue growth.

Aras is the first enterprise software company to combine the power of the open distribution approach with the pervasiveness of the Microsoft installed base of infrastructure and IT skill sets. Aras Microsoft-based service-oriented architecture [SOA] provides unmatched flexibility to deploy quickly and adapt easily without programming for a Total Cost of Ownership significantly lower than conventional enterprise systems. The Aras strategy makes enterprise business solutions exceptionally attractive to customers and disruptive for competitors.

Aras is headquartered in Lawrence, MA. On the Internet, Aras is located at

Parcxmart Card

Parcxmart Technologies, Inc.

Launched in 2004, Parcxmart Technologies, Inc. is an electronic payments company. Parcxmart offers a pre-paid stored value smart card that pays for parking at parking meters, garages and lots, and is an independent debit card for retail purchases of merchandise, goods, and services. The Company’s payment solution is built around secure 3DES encryption. It is convenient, highly secure, and impossible to experience identity theft with this payment product. In addition to state of the art security it also increases revenues for municipalities, while cutting their operating costs especially as it relates to coin collection and, debit and credit card processing fees.

Over the last few years the company’s technology has been integrated into or is currently integrating into parking meter OEMs which represent over 85% of all new meter sales to municipalities in the US market - CALE, POM, Digital Payment Solutions, and JJMacKay. Parcxmart currently operates citywide systems in New Haven CT, Truckee CA, Bridgeport CT, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and West Hartford, CT.

Parcxmart launched its next generation product - the New Haven City Card - in October 2008. It is a prepaid smart card securely carrying up to $500 for purchases at on-street meters, garages, and also offers a unique loyalty feature with participating merchants. It is a secure and local debit card that is considered by Mayor DeStefano "good local economic development." Currently, the e-Purse in New Haven has generated over $1Million in local transactions. The regional city card solution is gaining momentum in Connecticut, Florida, and in the near future - Massachusetts. Please refer to the website for additional information on City Cards powered by Parcxmart.

Thebizmo Logo

UGC Ltd., Thebizmo

Thebizmo from UGC Ltd. (UK) is a free, user-friendly widget that combines mobile payment and download technology with regular digital download functionality, creating a complete download store which can be easily installed on any website, social networking site, or blog. Thebizmo generates revenues for the reselling consumer, artist and record label by selling full music tracks, videos, ring tones and pictures; both to mobile phones and PCs. Payment methods are mobile, pay-pal and credit card as well as internal credits.

Thebizmo widget's main advantage is that while most other widgets merely display content, thebizmo turns content into digital product and allows consumers to resell this content for the artists and record labels. Thebizmo turns the consumer into the retailer; a revolutionary new way for fans to earn money by selling the music of their favorite artists. All content in the system is available through every thebizmo widget, creating large scale distribution for even the smallest content owner.

The team behind thebizmo have previously created, built and run Internet download services and mobile music businesses in close cooperation with large mobile operators such as Orange, Telenor and O2. UGC is currently negotiating with several major labels to sell their catalogue of music and videos.

Distribution through large social networks is also under negotiation.

Thebizmo is located on the Web at

SourceIQ Logo


SourceIQ is an enterprise software company, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Portsmouth, NH. The company has secured $2.5M in funding from the eCoast Angel Network and private individuals in the Northeast and West Coast. The company is managed by seasoned industry professionals with a proven track record of success in building enterprise software companies.

SourceIQ offers a server-based solution that integrates with customers’ software development infrastructures. The SourceIQ Enterprise Server provides engineering managers and IT executives with visibility into the health and quality of key processes and work products. SourceIQ markets this product to Global 2000 customers that engage in large-scale proprietary software development. The product offers immediate value to these firms in meeting the challenges of managing global teams and increasingly stringent regulatory and compliance initiatives. SourceIQ’s customer list includes a number of the world’s largest financial services firms, which provide key references for ongoing sales activities.

SourceIQ is presently focused on expansion in the market, leveraging direct sales and channel partners. The company has a strong relationship with IBM’s Rational Software Division, for which SourceIQ is certified as an Advanced Business Partner, and which yields lead generation and co-marketing to IBM’s extensive customer base. The company also has a sales and distribution partnership with CM-Logic, the leading IBM Rational distributor in the United Kingdom and Europe. In Q4/2007, the company expects to announce partnerships with leading channel partners serving the rapidly growing open source community as well.

The company’s long-term objective is to become the global leader in integrated solutions for managing, auditing and optimizing software development processes. This is a growth industry, with steady year-over-year expansion of software development activities by Global 2000 firms. A favorable exit for the company would be acquisition by a leading firm in the software engineering tools industry. On the internet, SourceIQ is located at

SemiNex Logo

SemiNex Corporation

SemiNex aims to fundamentally transform key industries by displacing conventional laser technology with super-high-power semiconductor diode lasers, enabling new cost-effective laser applications. SemiNex provides better performance and laser efficiency while drastically reducing laser size and power consumption. This will enable lasers to be used more broadly in mass-market applications for medical, military and free-space optical communications systems. SemiNex aims to facilitate safe and effective laser use to mainstream these systems, much like microprocessors enabled computers to migrate from bulky back-office mainframe environments to the widespread consumer use we see today.

SemiNex was founded and incorporated in 2003 by veterans of the telecommunications industry. SemiNex is located on the Web at

Groove Mobile Logo

Groove Mobile

Groove Mobile is the world's leading mobile music service. Groove Mobile's complete music gateway includes full track mobile downloads, peer-to-peer sharing and personalized music recommendations, in addition to providing personalized and programmed streaming radio, music subscriptions, and more.

Groove Mobile powers 3UK; the #1 rated mobile music service in the UK, and Sprint Music Store; the first mobile music service in the US. Groove Mobile launched the world's first secure peer-to-peer distribution in the mobile space with its pioneering TELL-A-FRIEND feature. Groove Mobile's direct download service is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia and provides access to music from all the major labels and the top independent labels and distributors.

Groove Mobile was the first company spun off from the University of New Hampshire and received its initial funding from the eCoast Angels and Kodiak Venture Partners. Current investors also include Charles River Ventures, Star Ventures, Egan-Managed Capital, and Sprint.

Groove Mobile was sold in 2008 and operates today as LiveWire Mobile,

V-Kernel Logo

V-Kernel Corporation

V-Kernel Corp. was founded in 2007 to develop and deliver best-of-breed tools to the Virtualized world. Its initial product is a virtual appliance addressing the critical need for monitoring resource use on ESX Servers. This software is easy to deploy because it requires no installation - hence it is a virtual appliance. V-Kernel generates graphs which show resource consumption and generates chargeback reports for cost recovery. IT departments need the software to justify expenditures on new server hardware and recover expenses associated with managing data centers. Likewise, hosting vendors, ISP and outsourcers need the V-Kernel appliance to measure server utilization and charge clients for the resources they actually consume.

V-Kernel received seed funding from The Breakfast Club and the eCoast Angels. V-Kernel is located on the Web at

Atlas Watersystems Logo

Atlas Watersystems, Inc.

Atlas Watersystems, Inc. designs, installs and maintains standard water purification and water filtration systems as well as highly economical reverse osmosis water purification and filtration systems. The Company's four main areas of expertise are: residential applications, office water cooler systems, food service and "high purity" for process water needs. Please visit them at

ZipRealty Logo

ZipRealty, Inc.

ZipRealty, Inc. provides home sellers and buyers with an innovative real estate solution. By using the efficiencies of the Internet, ZipRealty has streamlined the real estate process and is able to pass significant savings on to their clients. Their licensed ZipAgents have years of experience in the areas they serve, allowing customers to save thousands, without compromising on service. ZipRealty went public in October 2004. Please visit them at


SmartPackets, Inc.

SmartPackets, Inc. has developed a new revolutionary patented technology that dramatically improves throughput, range and power consumption in wireless networks. It effectively mitigates interference, multipath, attenuation and other RF effects. The core technology significantly improves throughput, range and power consumption in packet-based wireless transmissions, and can be installed in existing equipment and networks, or be designed into devices to optimize performance.

Vaward Communications Logo

Vaward Communications, Inc.

Vaward Communications, Inc. is a college newspaper brokerage company uniting buyers and sellers of print advertising. Vaward provides dramatic cost efficiencies to the print media industry through a demographic screening system and a network of media brokers managing the local college advertising procurement process. Please visit them at

FastAsset Logo


FastAsset is a "new world" supply chain partner working in concert with other best-in-class service providers to create customized solutions for OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and 3PSPs. Founded in 1997 as a remarketer of technology hardware, FastAsset has rapidly built a reputation for providing a significant international customer base of Fortune 100 computer hardware, consumer electronics and medical equipment manufacturers with alternate channel solutions that reach deeper into the channel to deliver better pricing and vastly increased margins for its clients. Their website is

Environments@work Logo

Environments@work LLC

Environments@work LLC is a contract office furniture dealership serving the Boston and greater Massachusetts area. E@W has a team of seasoned professionals with proven track records and impeccable reputations within the industry. E@W has joined forces with Haworth, an industry leader in office furniture and related products. The Company provides a superior customer experience by offering innovation, product quality, industry knowledge and expertise, and "break through" customer service. Their website is

In Addition

In addition to investing through the eCoast Angels, members of our group also co-invest with other Angel Groups or individually. One or more of our members have invested in the following private companies:

Apollo Systems



Artemis Woman


Broadcast Pix



KCI Research






Process Unity

Pure Barnyard

Rapid Insight

Symphony Acoustics

Tire Guys



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